Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Manpower Nigeria?

    Manpower Nigeria is a database of qualified and employable hands in Nigeria from all fields of human endeavour (Artisans, Fresh and Experienced Graduates etc).
    We make available complete profiles of an array of job seekers from which interested organisations or employers of labour can choose according to their needs.
  2. Who can join?

    Anyone in the Nigerian labour market can join Manpower Nigeria. As long as you are employable and have a skill, Manpower Nigeria is for you.
    From automobile mechanics, gardeners, secretaries, graphic artists, degree holders (GCE/NCE/OND/HND/BSC etc), fresh graduates, experienced personnel to even CEOs! just to mention a few.
  3. What are the benefits for Job Seekers?

    Manpower Nigeria helps you showcase your skillset, experience and profile (professional, academic or technical) to employers who need you but otherwise wouldn't have found you.
  4. Is it free for Job Seekers?

    At this time, Manpower Nigeria is free and open to all job seekers.
  5. How can I derive these Job Seeker benefits?

    You can derive all our job seeker benefits by registering on Manpower Nigeria.
  6. How can I register as a Job Seeker?

    Joining Manpower Nigeria as a job seeker is a breeze. Simply visit our Sign Up Page, provide a valid email address, password, your firstname, lastname and a photo of you.
  7. As a Job Seeker, what are my chances of being found by Employers?

    We cannot guarantee the chances or rate at which your profile would be found and downloaded by prospective employers.
    However, we recommend you populate your profile with enough information about your skills and experience.
    The rule is - The more information you provide, the more likely your profile will appear on employer search results, thus increasing your chances of being called.
    So take your time and fill out your profile data. Please don't joke with it.
  8. How can I join Manpower Nigeria as an Employer

    At this time, Employer registeration on Manpower Nigeria is not yet open. This is to enable us gather enough manpower to serve you better.
  9. When will Employer registeration commence?

    As soon as we think we have enough manpower in our database to service and maximize all employer requests, we'll open the doors!
  10. How do I know when the doors are open for search?

    Simply Request for invitation, and we'll alert you when the time is right.
  11. What kind of Employers can use Manpower Nigeria?

    Any kind of employers of labour. From individuals to recruitment agencies and all forms of corporate bodies.
  12. Is it free for Employers?

    With a small token, you can download as many profiles as you wish.
  13. Any plans and pricing?

    We have various plans and pricing to suit the varying needs of our wide array of employers.
  14. How can I pay for and download job seeker profiles?

    Rest assured that Manpower Nigeria makes use of a secure and trusted payment platform.
  15. I have a different Question to ask

    Contact us directly.

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