Television Floor Manager

Television Floor Manager Job Description

A Television Floor Manager Makes Sure That A Programme Or Production Goes According To Plan And That Everyone Involved In The Programme — Presenters, Camera Crew, Guests And Audience — Knows What They Have To Do And When They Have To Do It.

Floor Managers Play A Very Important Role In A Television Production. Their Work Starts In A Studio Where They Shoot And Record A Television Show Or Broadcast Live. Their Role Is To Make Sure The Smooth Flow Of The Program While It Is Being Shot Or Broadcasted On TV. The Floor Manager Connects The Relationship Between The Director, Talents And Its Audience.

Television Floor Manager Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • helping plan and prepare the programme
  • supervising the setting up of equipment — screens, chairs, props, microphones and technical gear
  • running sound and lighting checks to make sure that equipment is working properly
  • giving cues and time counts to actors, presenters and technicians
  • telling the studio audience what to do
  • rehearsing live shows
  • liaising with the producer and director and relaying instructions between the control room and studio staff
  • dealing with technical problems and any last minute changes
  • checking on health and safety requirements.

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