Therapist Job Description

Occupational Therapists Help People With Mental, Physical Or Social Disabilities To Independently Carry Out Every Day Tasks Or Occupations. They Work With Children And Adults Of All Ages, Whose Difficulties May Have Been Present Since Birth, Or The Result Of An Accident, Illness, Ageing Or Lifestyle.

Occupational Therapists Create Individual Treatment Programmes To Help People Carry Out Their Daily Tasks And To Do So With More Confidence And Independence. They May Suggest Changes To The Person’s Environment, Whether That Be At Home, Work Or School, And May Introduce The Use Of Equipment Which Will Help With Some Activities. Occupational Therapists Review The Treatments Periodically, Evaluate Progress And Make Changes To The Treatment As Needed. 

Occupational Therapists Work With A Diverse Range Of People Who All Have Different Needs. Their Aim Is To Understand Each Person’s Requirements And Lifestyle So They Can Create The Best Treatment Plan For Them.

Therapist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • teach anxiety management techniques;
  • assist people to return to work;
  • write reports and attend multidisciplinary case meetings to plan and review ongoing treatment;
  • organise support and rehabilitation groups for carers and clients;
  • advise on specialist equipment to assist with daily activities;
  • develop a rehabilitation programme to help re-build lost skills and restore lost confidence;
  • advise on home and workplace environmental alterations, such as adjustments for wheelchair access;
  • train students and supervise the work of occupational therapy assistants;
  • manage a caseload, prioritising needs, and completing administrative tasks such as patient and budgetary records.
  • coach people with learning difficulties or poor social skills, e.g. in handling money and social interaction;
  • mentor people on how to control their own behaviour;
  • liaise with a wide variety of other professionals, such as doctors, physiotherapists, social workers, equipment suppliers and architects, as well as patients’ families, carers and employers;

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