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Ugochukwu Monye was born on December 27th, in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a top designer in the Nigerian fashion industry and the owner of the male fashion company, Ugo Monye. He has over 10 years of experience, dishing out classy and elegant fashion designs. Ugo Monye designs is regarded for its bold,unique and cutting-edge styles propelled by the African culture yet executed with a contemporary comfort.

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Ugo Monye Career

Early on as an artist, his parents wanted him to study Fine and Applied Arts as a university major but he opted for Business Administration like his father. During his time in school, he found himself scrutinizing dressing and fashion sense and using his artistic nature to draw up his own version of fashion. Ugo started taking orders from school, using the tailoring machine his mother had and hiring a tailor, he quickly begun meeting customer demands.

Monye worked at a consulting firm, this enabled him use his gained experience to study market trends and carve out a niche for his business. He started out his company, laying emphasis on women design. Over time, he ventured fully into men’s design, capturing the minds of many fashion enthusiasts in the country. He has styled Jidenna, Joke Silva, Uti Nwachukwu, Alex Ekubo, Ebuka Uchendu, among others.

The recent collection , Reale Collection has been a pride of his. He emphasized the careful planning and finesse put into all stages of production of this clothing line, from conceptualization, design, procurement of fabrics and finishing. Reale means Royal in the Italian language, and he believes a lot of thought and expertise has been put into making this collection appear regal. 

Ugo Monye Fashion Compsny is manned by capable experts who are known to always deliver best-in-class and excellent apparel. The Monye brand started as a unisex brand with more emphasis on female clients as designing for women allowed him to be more creative. Over time, he began working on male outfits too. The brands prosperity is established on the capacity to consolidate uncommon ability with superb customer benefit and capable administration. Ugo Monye creates and delivers both Haute Couture and Ready to Wear clothing, taking their customers needs into strong account. 

On his secret to success, Ugo emphasized the role of social media in enabling him reach out to old and new clients. He stepped into limelight after social media went into a frenzy, when Ebuka Uchendu graced the wedding between Artiste Bank Wellington and Actress Adesua Utomi in 2017 wearing a slick kimono looking Agbada. He has since downplayed his skills following the praises that rained on him, claiming every factor such as the celebrity, the event and the photo all played a role. While speaking to the BBC in April 2018, he admitted that he never met Ebuka Uchendu before he sewed the agbada. What started as a social media interaction and transaction between Ugo Monye and Ebuka led to his eventual fame.

Ugo Monye Personal Life

Monye is married. He says he has no favourite food, as he can eat anything, but his favourite car is Rolls Royce Phantom. He is a basketball lover and a fan of music artiste, Davido.

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Monye was recognized by Vanguard Allure Women and Fashion Awards as the Wedding Designer of the year 2017.

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