Advice Worker

Advice Worker Job Description

An Advice Worker Helps Clients In Areas Such As Benefits, Debt And Money Issues, Law And Rights, Healthcare, And Education. The Work Is Challenging And Varied With Duties That Range From Interviewing Clients, Assessing Problems And Writing Reports, To Mediating On A Client's Behalf And Providing Legal Representation At Court Cases And Tribunals.

Advice Worker Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • referral and liaison with other relevant organisations.
  • preparing/distributing publicity materials and displays
  • maintaining records and information systems
  • compiling statistics
  • interpreting legislation and researching cases

Advice workers help people who are often in crisis situations, with very complex problems. This can make the work stressful and emotionally demanding, but at the same time rewarding if a resolution to their problems or a way forward can be found.

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