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Sikiru Adesina (popularly known as Arakangudu) was a Yoruba movie actor, director, and producer. He was born in 1971 in his hometown in Osun state, and he died on the 8th of February 2016 in Kaduna.

Sikiru Adesina Age

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Sikiru Adesina Early Life

Sikiru Adesina grew up in Osun state. There, he had his primary and secondary education. He was born into a polygamous family, and his parents were Muslims. 

Sikiru Adesina Career

Sikiru began his career when he got his first movie in Nollywood. He was best known for his roles in Yoruba movies. He played roles of an armed robber, herbalist or ritualist. He featured in over 50 movies during his lifetime. Few years before his demise, he stopped appearing frequently on TV screens because he was not given roles as often as before. 

In 2015 he starred in Ayaba Oosa  movie. Sikiru Adeshina is to be seen playing one of the palace chiefs in it. Over the last years he seemed to be fairly disappointed with his acting career and with friends turning away from him and forgetting him. He moved to Kaduna, Northern Nigeria, and obviously was able to make a nice living there. The gossip states he planned on shooting his own movie, but now his talent is out of our reach.

Sikiru Adesina Personal Life

Arakangudu is said to have had 8 wives and 26 children at the time of his death. His eighth wife was heavily pregnant when he died. Reports say that he died after an Asthmatic attack on the 8th of February 2016 in his Kaduna home. According to Islamic rites, he was buried that same day in his hometown in Osun state.

Sikiru Adesina Net Worth

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