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Linda Ifeoma Ikeji was born in Nkwerre, Imo state on September 19th, 1980. She is an ex-model, blogger, and media personality.

Linda Ikeji Age

Linda Ikeji is 43 years old.

Linda Ikeji Early Life

Linda was born into a large Roman Catholic home from Nkwerre, Imo State and was the second child in the family. Her siblings include; Laura Ikeji, Sandra Ikeji, Benita Ikeji, Vera Ikeji Shilobod, Peks Ikeji, and Edna Ikeji. At the age of 10, she felt that writing was something that made her feel happy and confident. She would write down some stories or news from her neighborhood. At that time the little girl did not even imagine that writing will turn her into the richest blogger in Africa.

Soon after she completed her secondary education, she got accepted into a university. With the support of her friends and family, she was pretty confident about her future profession. Unlike many teenagers of her age, Linda knew that news, doing interviews, and writing articles is something that she loves. So a degree in Mass Communication was her top choice to study at the university.

She was 18 years old when got accepted into the University of Lagos. However, to her big disappointment, the University did not give her the chance to study Media like she wanted. Linda had to give up her dream and started to study the English Language. She decided that she had to finish university to support herself. Ikeji had been working on her degree for 6 years. During those times, Linda managed to not only support herself financially but helped her family as well. She had numerous part-time jobs. She worked as a writer and a model but didn’t mind working as a waitress as well. Modeling was her first serious job and a way to earn big money.

Linda began from a completely humble background she was even called a “failed model” at a point to give you an idea of how roughly she had it in her earlier effort to gain access to the limelight.  However, she has become a phenomenon. Undoubtedly, she is one of the richest entrepreneurs in Nigerian and she even compete with some male millionaires for position.

Linda Ikeji Career

Linda began the modeling career in 1998 and gave up in 2005. She was also a fashion columnist for a struggling celebrity magazine, and after two years of toiling in the news room, she gave up that too. She came into entertainment as a determined model while studying in Unilag. Linda modeled for numerous brands, like the ‘Rose of Sharon’ label, owned by former President of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) and Nigerian billionaire and oil mogul, Folorunsho Alakija, and in some of the most fascinating fashion shows in the country back then. She was at ECOFEST and has also done some outdoor advertisements.

In the year 2004, after she had concluded her University education, she labored so hard to crack into the Journalism trade, by introducing her media company, called Black dove Communications, which was a modeling agency and events management outfit. The name Black dove was however inspired by Silverbird, which happens to be a name and also a bird. It was also inspired by the fact that her best colour is black and beloved bird is the dove. She remained within her walls of comfort zone which was modeling, so instead of being in front of the camera, she chose to be behind camera by managing an agency, signing up models, training them and getting them jobs. Although Linda claims to still have the modeling agency, but not managed by her anymore. She also commenced what she tells in her earliest blog post as her “true passion”, her magazine called, FM & B. The first issue was published in the 2006 and on realizing how expensive and stressful magazine publishing was, she only had two more editions printed.

Linda started her blog in 2006. Luckily, in that same year, Bella Naija, another very popular Nigerian blog, posted a story about Linda and for the first time, Linda started to see a new opportunity to take her writing to the world. She began blogging in full in 2007 to share stuffs that fascinated her with her readers. About five years afterward, her blog, Linda Ikeji Blog has developed into one of the most visited blogs in the country. Thousands trooped into her site on a daily basis for news, entertainment, celebrity gist, gossip and lots more.

Within five years, lindaikeji”s blog became the most reachable and popular blog among all the visited sites in Nigeria. Linda's posts are usually about recent news and gossips, celebrities’ success, and entertainment in Nigeria. The blog became so popular, that every day it attracted thousands of visitors. By 2010, after posting consistently for 4 years, it was estimated that up to 1 million unique visitors went online to read her blog each month. Linda’s blog helped her not only to reach to the world audience but to have recognition and earnings. Even Forbes Africa had an article published about her success and how she turned blogging into a business. 

Having, over 50,000 visitors daily, her blog is ranked as most attractive to people of all ages. You can comment under the post and actually communicate with Linda. More and more advertising companies continue to fight so that their advertisement can be placed on Linda’s blog. Aside from the blogging, the star-writer had inspiration for a couple of motivational books. In August 2012, Forbes Africa released a special month’s issue about African women. The issue featured Africa's 20 Most Powerful Women and of course mentioned Linda Ikeji. In 2014, she was the most frequently searched online celebrity in Nigeria. 

Ikeji has had her own fair share of criticism, as is the case with the world of success. Lots of person’s have criticized her, saying her blog promotes big time rumors. She was once accused by popular Nigerian celebrities for snooping into their private affairs, and this she has publicly denied. Her success in the world of blogging has even propelled her sister to create her own blog. 

Linda Ikeji Personal Life

Ikeji’s story only tells all that there is nothing you cannot achieve if you are determined, focused and consistent. Through blogging, Linda has gathered for herself lots of wealth with her site said to be worth 7 figures. Linda Ikeji’s net worth is estimated to be around N3.2 billion. With that amount of money, you don’t expect her not to live lavish. She has spent over N50 million on cars for herself and other family members. That adds to her garage which already boasted of a 2008 Toyota Camry, and an Infinity FX 35 SUV. She also acquired two new houses, a 5-bedroom duplex for her parents in Surulere, and a seven-bedroom mansion on the Island for herself valued upwards of N300 million.

Linda dated Dan Foster of Cool Fm in the past. In May 2018, it was revealed that she was pregnant. The news was initially announced by her younger sister, Laura who took to her Instagram page on Sunday, May 20th, 2018, to share the good news. Linda then took to her blog where she wrote a very long epistle on how she was super excited about the pregnancy. She went to share how she first discovered she was pregnant at the beginning of the year. She also spoke about her love for children.

Just when we all thought Linda was still basking in the euphoria of her pregnancy, some people began to troll her on social media for what they perceived as a betrayer to her fans especially young ladies who look up to her. According to them, she was being backlashed for her double standards after she preached about women remaining celibate until marriage. Linda in her defense said she never preached celibacy until marriage rather she said women shouldn't give their body for money. A lot of fans where shocked when the news of Linda's pregnancy broke, however, some wondered how she was able to keep the baby bump away from the prying eyes of the public.

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Linda Ikeji Awards

  • In 2012, Linda won a nomination of “Blog Of The Year” at Nigerian Blog Awards.
  • In 2013, she won the Nigeria Blog Awards, NBA, for Best Entertainment Blog
  • In 2013 also, she won the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award for Website/blog of the year
  • In 2014, the famous blogger was honoured with the Media Broad Award

Linda Ikeji Net Worth

Her net worth is not available.

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