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Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa was born in born in Dahomey, Port-Novo in current Benin on October 11th, 1909 to Oshoffa (father) from Abeokuta, Ogun state and Alake Iyafo (mother) from Imeko, Ogun State. He was a pastor, prophet and the founder of the Celestial Church of Christ.

Samuel Oshoffa Age

Samuel Oshoffa would have been 114 years old, if he were alive today. May his soul rest in peace.

Samuel Oshoffa Early Life

Oshoffa grew up in a polygamous home in Port-Novo. By 1922, at the age of thirteen, he was still at home as he did not have access to western education for reasons beyond his control.His father sent him once again to the mission house to receive basic Christian training. He was there with many other boys of his age group. It must have been at the mission house that young Oshoffa adopted the name Joseph and also anglicized the spelling of Oschoffa. He was thereafter called S. B. J. Oschoffa.

Samuel Oshoffa Career

On May 23rd, 1947, Oschoffa left home for Toffin, a village in the Ganvie area to carry out his usual business. He had already purchased a canoe for himself but since he did not know how to paddle, he engaged the services of a paid paddler. He set off in the morning for the forest specifically to look for mahogany and ebony trees. Oschoffa, as usual, equipped himself with food, drinking water and other personal effects for the trip. At the shore, Oschoffa instructed the paddler to keep an eye on the canoe and the items inside it while he entered the forest.

On September 29th, 1947, while meditating with some well-wishers in his house, Oschoffa claimed to have witnessed a mysterious and divine appearance, where a winged angel bathed in an intense light stood before him. The angel of the Lord allegedly delivered the following message to SBJ Oschoffa in the Egun language. The supposed appearance of the angel was said to have been confirmed by a woman called Marie Zevenu who claimed to have seen a vision of Jesus Christ visiting Oschoffa. In her vision, she said she saw Oschoffa’s body illuminated and sparkling like a twinkling star. Marie Zevenu later visited Oschoffa to see whether his body was actually transformed. Oschoffa admitted having been visited by an angel of the Lord. Marie, accompanied by her husband, Fredrick Zevenu, a catholic, left for home full of joy and inspiration. The news of the visitation of the angel of the Lord to Oschoffa in no time spread throughout the ancient city of Porto Novo and its surroundings.

As expected, Oschoffa’s residence soon became a centre of attraction as more and more people visited him daily. There was virtually nothing he could do to minimize or regulate the frequency of visits. An attempt made for police control did not materialize. However, a suggestion by the police officer at Porto Novo that a convention should be arranged with the people in an open place seemed to have solved the problem. Consequently, an open air convention was arranged and people in the thousands thronged to Porto Novo. It undoubtedly offered an opportunity for those sceptical about the authenticity of Oschoffa’s power and credibility to see things for themselves.

The Celestial Church of Christ grew by leaps and bounds after the formal proclamation of the Holy Spirit’s orders through Alexander Yanga. Oschoffa was soon proclaimed a prophet by the ever increasing followers. Apart from being called a prophet of God, Oschoffa was also allowed to use the title of “pastor” even though he had not attended any seminary nor been ordained as such. Through divine orders, the use of the name Epastoral, which was believed to have been uttered by an angel was conferred on him. The term was allegedly translated to him as pastor. Thus, the founder of the Celestial Church of Christ became known as Pastor, Founder, Prophet S. B. J. Oschoffa.

Samuel Oshoffa Personal Life

Oschoffa left Benin in 1976 for Nigeria where he resided until his death on September 10th, 1985. He was buried on  October 19th, 1985 in Imeko, Ogun State. He had about fourteen wives one of which was Felicia Yaman. After his physical death, some of his church members claimed to have seen him in visions and apperances.

Samuel Oshoffa Awards

In 2016, he received the Meritorious Service Award for his dedication, leadership skills and an all-encompassing wide accommodating arms.

Samuel Oshoffa Net Worth

His net worth is not available.

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