Ilado/eti-osa And Environs

About Ilado/eti-osa And Environs

Ilado/eti-osa And Environs is a ward in Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria

POLLING UNITS IN Ilado/eti-osa And Environs

  • Igbo-efon Village I
  • Igbo-efon Village Ii
  • Igbo-efon Village Iii
  • Igbo-efon Village Iv
  • Igbo-efon Village V
  • Okun Ibeju Village Vi
  • Lafiaji Village
  • Okun Ajah Village
  • Okun Ajah Pry. Sch. I
  • Okun Ajah Pry. Sch. Ii
  • Okun Mopo Akinlade Pry. Sch. I
  • Okun Mopo Akinlade Pry. Sch. Ii
  • Ogombo Comm. Pry. Sch.
  • Igbo Efon/ogombo
  • Ikota Housing Estate I
  • Ikota Housing Estate Ii
  • Security Post (ikota Housing Estate) I
  • Security Post (ikota Housing Estate) Ii
  • Ikota Housing
  • Flat 548 Ikota Estate I
  • Flat 548 Ikota Estate Ii
  • Ikota Housing Estate Iii
  • Flat 890 Bamboo Ikota Housing Estate
  • Bamboo Estate, I
  • Bamboo Estate, Ikota Ii
  • Bamboo Estate, Ikota Iii
  • Ajiwe Village
  • Olugborogan Village
  • Orile Moba Village

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