Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineer Job Description

Land-based/Agricultural Engineers Apply Their Knowledge Of Science And Technology To Machinery And Work That Is Carried Out In The Environmental And Agricultural Industries.

Businesses In Land-based Engineering Commonly Use Machinery For Agricultural, Ground Care, Construction And Forestry Purposes. Land-based Engineers Design, Develop And Install This Machinery And Work On Any Issues Related To It. 

As Well As Solving Engineering Problems, Engineers Also Advise Farmers And Businesses On Agricultural Concerns Such As Sustainable Land Use And Irrigation. They Also Work To Increase Efficiency Of Vehicles And Equipment.

A High Level Of Technical Skill Is Sought In The Land-based Engineering Industry But Business And Management Skills Are Also Vitally Important To The Successful Development Of Companies In The Sector.

Agricultural Engineer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • carrying out environmental impact assessments - a process of predicting and evaluating the effects of an action (such as building a motorway) on the environment;
  • preparing and presenting reports;
  • conducting research;
  • planning and supervising the construction of farm buildings and associated structures, such as grain silos, greenhouses and controlled environments for livestock;
  • advising on soil conservation measures;
  • planning, supervising and managing the building of water conservation, irrigation and drainage systems;
  • teaching and lecturing in further and higher education;
  • providing technical support to dealers and customers;
  • designing, testing and developing agricultural, construction and other off-road vehicles, such as tractors, harvesters, loaders, dump trucks and off-road recreational vehicles;
  • designing, testing and developing specialist equipment, such as ploughs, cultivators and sprayers;
  • offering consultancy services to individuals and companies;
  • providing emergency aid, e.g. helping to restore electricity and water supplies and reconstruct buildings in the aftermath of wars or natural disasters.  

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