Business Development Executive

Business Development Executive Job Description

A Business Development Executive Works To Generate New Business For A Company. Business Development Executive Promote Products And Services To Potential And Existing Customers.

Business Development Executives Are Experienced Sales Professionals Who Use Their Skills And Experience To The Best Advantage Of The Company. They Are Good At Handling Multiple Clients And Have Very Good Customer Relations Skills.

Business Development Executive Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  •     Making cold calls
  •     Conduct meetings.
  •     Make sales presentations.
  •     Identifying new leads
  •     Performing follow up duties
  •     Book sales appointments.
  •     Managing clients
  •     Walk door-to-door and solicit business.
  •     Promoting products
  •     Evaluate demographics, prices, distribution channels, and marketing outlets.
  •     Attending meetings, training sessions and seminars
  •     Develop sales strategies in tandem with marketing department.
  •     Create questionnaires and surveys.
  •     Generate reports that analyze competition and customers.
  •     Offer insights about product potentials.
  •     Researching market trends
  •     Be familiar with advanced statistical analysis and research methodologies, along with common computer programs.
  •     Providing feedback to managers

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