Insurance Claims Handler

Insurance Claims Handler Job Description

Insurance Claims Handler Deal With People Making Claims On Their Insurance Policies. May Also Be Known By Other Job Titles, Such As Claims Administrator, Settler, Technician Or Assessor.

Insurance Claims Handler Usually Specialise In One Type Of Insurance, Such As Motor, Household Or Life Insurance, And Tend To Deal With Straightforward Claims That Fall Within An Agreed Payout Limit.

Insurance Claims Handler Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • checking claims
  • making sure that premiums have been paid and that the policy covers the claim
  • taking details when a customer reports a claim
  • issuing claim forms and advising customers
  • arranging payments on straightforward claims
  • referring doubtful, complex or high-value claims to a claims manager.
  • gathering information such as receipts, photographs or valuations
  • telling customers how their claim might affect their policy premiums in the future

With experience, Insurance claims handler could work as a claims negotiator, investigating more complex claims and negotiating with solicitors, insurers and clients before agreeing to pay out.

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