Plant Breeder/geneticist

Plant Breeder/geneticist Job Description

Plant Breeders/geneticists Work To Improve The Quality And Performance Of Existing Agricultural And Horticultural Crops As Well As Create New Varieties. They Aim To Develop Useful Traits, Such As Disease Resistance Or Drought Tolerance, Or To Improve Characteristics Such As Appearance.

Plant Geneticists Have Enhanced The Traditional Work Of Crossing Existing Plants And Selecting New Strains. Their Expertise Allows Quicker, More Accurate Work By Selecting The Plants Containing The Genes Of Interest.

Plant Breeder/geneticist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • producing research aims and objectives, and predicting the costing of the work;
  • researching methods and techniques for improving plant breeding;
  • identifying and selecting plants exhibiting desirable traits based on natural genetic variation;
  • crossing plants to produce new breeding material for field and glasshouse trials;
  • analysing and scientifically assessing plant breeding in laboratory and field trials and selecting the best varieties;
  • conducting scientific projects, which may be laboratory-based, especially in the winter months;
  • multiplying up and producing virus-free plants;
  • maintaining detailed records throughout the research and development cycle;
  • managing, supporting and training technical and field staff;
  • keeping up to date in the fast-moving area of science and translating ideas from scientific literature into new approaches to breeding problems;
  • monitoring the activities of competitors (in commercial settings) and developing a product market profile;
  • responding to enquiries from farmers, agronomists and other professionals;
  • writing and presenting work to other scientists and publishing scientific findings;
  • liaising with and visiting other scientists, commercial breeders and funding bodies.

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