Building Services Engineer

Building Services Engineer Job Description

Building Services Engineers Advise About, Design, Install And Maintain Cost-effective And Energy Efficient Systems For Building Services Such As Water, Lighting, Heating, Air Conditioning, Lifts, Telecoms Etc.

Building Services Engineers Are Responsible For The Electrical, Mechanical And Health And Safety Aspects Of New Buildings, Ensuring That These Services Perform Effectively And Efficiently.

The Role Includes The Design And Maintenance Of Air Conditioning, Elevators And Other Mechanical Systems, The Distribution Of Electricity And Water Supply And The Provision Of Lighting And Heating, Among Many Other Areas.

Building Services Engineers Are Responsible, In Short, For All The Functional Characteristics Of A Building That Take It From Being An Empty Shell To A Comfortable Living Space.

While Health And Safety Features, Such As Emergency Procedures And Security, Are Of High Priority, The Environmental Sustainability And Cost-effectiveness Of Buildings Are Increasingly Vital Considerations In The Industry.

Building Services Engineer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Drawing up plans, writing briefs and reporting on progress.
  • Managing teams of people and working closely with them to get the work completed on time and to a high standard.
  • Carrying out tests on systems and making changes to plans where necessary.
  • Designing the layout of energy distribution, water pipes and ventilation systems.
  • Assessing whether a site is suitable for construction.
  • Identifying the materials and equipment to be used in the various systems.
  • Monitoring the installation of services and managing their maintenance once the building is completed.
  • Liaising with plumbers, electricians, surveyors, architectural technologists and other construction professionals.
  • Giving presentations and writing reports, advising on the functional aspects of buildings and highlighting the practical implications of the architect's designs.
  • Promoting energy efficiency and other sustainability issues.
  • Making sure that all building services meet health and safety requirements and environmental legislation.
  • Negotiating contracts with clients, particularly in consultancy work.

Building services engineering projects can vary widely from designing the air filtration system in a forensic lab to engineering the flood lights in a sports stadium. While the role is predominantly office based it also requires site visits. The frequency of these visits will depend largely on the type and nature of the project.

Similarly, while hours are typically 9.00am to 5.00pm, they can stretch into the evening where the project demands it. Time management skills are vital, as is a degree of flexibility to deal with any last minute problems that may arise.

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