Broadcast Presenter

Broadcast Presenter Job Description

Broadcast Presenters Provide The Public Voice Or Face To A Wide Range Of Broadcast Television And Radio Shows With The Purpose Of Offering Entertainment And/or Information.

Broadcast Presenters Work For Private/local/regional/national Independent Radio Stations And Television Companies.

Broadcast Presenter Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • organising meetings, interviews and schedules;
  • operating technical equipment, such as radio ‘desks’.
  • undertaking relevant background research;
  • interviewing guests via the telephone or in person;
  • writing and rehearsing scripts;
  • meeting with programme directors/producers to discuss programmes/shows;
  • giving reviews of newly released books, films, music etc;
  • providing programme links;
  • choosing and playing music;
  • presenting traffic, weather and/or news summaries;

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