Chartered Loss Adjuster

Chartered Loss Adjuster Job Description

Loss Adjusters Are Independent Claims Specialists Who Assist In The Fair And Just Settlement Of Claims, Including Complex Or Contentious Claims, On Behalf Of Insurance Companies. They Help Policyholders Restore Their Property To Full Working Order. Within The Sector They Are Sometimes Referred To As Domestic Adjusters Or Commercial Adjusters.

Loss Adjusters Investigate At The Scene Of An Incident To Establish The Causes Of The Loss (damage Or Destruction Of Property) And Ascertain Whether It Is Covered By The Insurance Policy. They Are Able To Do This By Understanding The Legal Aspects Of Insurance Policies And By Engaging Other Experts, Such As Forensic Scientists, As Appropriate. They Then Write Reports For The Insurer, Assessing The Validity Of The Claim And Recommending Appropriate Payment.

Claims Could Be Caused By A Wide Range Of Incidents Including Flood, Accident, Fire (including Arson), Theft Or Fraud, Giving The Job Plenty Of Variety.

Chartered Loss Adjuster Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • interviewing the policyholder making the claim to discuss valuation and validation of the claim
  • inspecting documentation to verify that the loss or damage is covered sufficiently by the terms of the insurance policy;
  • reviewing recordings from security cameras and reports from emergency services and/or security contractors;
  • investigating suspicious claims by inspecting claimants' records to verify the existence and value of goods being claimed for;
  • communicating with insurers to receive instruction on new claims;
  • confirming that the information in the claim is valid, complete and recorded appropriately;
  • liaising with any other insurers to negotiate the spread of liability;
  • visiting the site of a loss to survey and assess the damage;
  • making proposals to mitigate the extent of the loss for the benefit of all parties;
  • recommending local specialist firms for demanding repair or restoration work;
  • writing reports as swiftly as possible for the client, including recommendations for settlement;
  • advising claimants on security and other precautions to reduce the risk of further losses in the future, e.g. installation of new alarms and security lights;
  • recording the situation at the site with equipment such as digital cameras and camcorders;
  • ensuring the immediate security of the site by, for example, having doors and windows boarded up;
  • requesting reports from specialist third parties, such as building surveyors;
  • supporting policyholders through the claims and restoration process;
  • advising insurers and policyholders on the most appropriate repair or replacement technique;
  • helping businesses to quantify the loss of income while the premises are closed for repair;
  • sometimes acting on behalf of individuals or businesses to present their claim on their behalf;
  • providing evidence in court.

Depending on the nature of the claim, loss adjusters might carry out several inspections a day or spend several days on more complex cases.

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