Veterinary Surgeon

Veterinary Surgeon Job Description

Veterinary Surgeons/doctors Maintain The Health And Welfare Of A Wide Range Of Animals, From Personal Pets To Livestock, Zoo Specimens, Or Even Injured Wild Animals.Veterinary Surgeons Are Required To Practice Medicine On Animals On A Daily Basis. This Could Be Anything From Giving Injections, To Delivering Young Or Performing Complex Surgeries.

You May Be Frequently Required To Work Overtime And Weekend Slots. For A Fully Qualified Veterinary Surgeon Salaries Are Typically Quite Generous, But You Are Likely To Earn More Working With Small Or Companion Animals Than You Are Working With Large Animals Or Livestock.

Veterinary Surgeon Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • diagnosing illnesses in a variety of different animals
  • proscribing the appropriate treatment
  • dealing with uncooperative animals and owners
  • facing a number of ethical considerations
  • knowing the laws surrounding animals and their welfare.
  • operating on animals

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