Bodyguard Job Description

Security Guards And Gaming Surveillance Officers Patrol And Protect Property Against Theft, Vandalism, Terrorism, And Illegal Activity.

Guards Must Remain Alert, Looking Out For Anything Unusual. In An Emergency, They Are Required To Call For Assistance From Police, Fire, Or Ambulance Services. Some Security Guards Are Armed.

A Security Guard’s Responsibilities Vary From One Employer To Another. In Retail Stores, Guards Protect People, Records, Merchandise, Money, And Equipment. They May Work With Undercover Store Detectives To Prevent Theft By Customers And Employees, Detain Shoplifting Suspects Until The Police Arrive, And Patrol Parking Lots.

Security Guards Stationed At The Entrance To Bars And Nightclubs Keep Underage People From Entering, Collect Cover Charges, And Maintain Order Among Customers.

Security Guards Working In Schools And Universities Patrol The Buildings And Grounds, Looking For Suspicious Activity.

In Office Buildings, Banks, Hotels, And Hospitals, Guards Maintain Order And Protect The Organization’s Customers, Staff, And Property.

Guards Who Work In Museums And Art Galleries Protect Paintings And Exhibits By Watching People And Inspecting The Contents Of Personal Handbags That Patrons Carry.

Guards Working In Parks And At Sports Stadiums Control Crowds, Supervise Parking And Seating, And Direct Traffic.

Guards Could Also Serve As Personal Assistants/guards To Their Employer.

In Factories, Government Buildings, And Military Bases, Security Guards Protect Workers And Equipment And Check The Credentials Of People And Vehicles Entering And Leaving The Premises.

Bodyguard Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Control access for employees and visitors
  • Protect and enforce laws on an employer’s property
  • Monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV cameras
  • Conduct security checks over a specified area
  • Detain violators
  • Write reports on what they observed while on patrol
  • Interview witnesses for court testimony

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