Facilities Engineer

Facilities Engineer Job Description

A Facilities Engineer Plans And Implements The Design Of Plants, Offices, And Production Lines In Order To Maximize The Use Of Available Space And Improve Production Efficiency.

Estimates Costs Related To Layout Design, Including Equipment And Materials, Labor, Etc And Monitors The Construction Process. Researches Production/processing Equipment Or Fixtures For Purchase And Gathers Data Relating To Their Ability To Meet Organizational Needs.

A Facilities Engineer Could Work For A Facilities Management Company That Is Contracted To Manage Facilities For A Number Of Organisations. In Small Companies, Facilities Management May Be Part Of A General Management Role.

A Facilities Engineer May Have Another Job Title Such As Business Services Manager, Support Services Manager Or Contracts Manager.

Facilities Engineer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • making sure that the building meets health and safety standards and legal requirements
  • managing office systems, which may include IT and office equipment.
  • advising on energy efficiency
  • managing services such as cleaning, waste disposal, catering and parking
  • managing budgets and keeping records of payments
  • managing refurbishment, renovations and office moves
  • managing general upkeep and maintenance
  • negotiating the best deals with contractors and suppliers
  • managing security

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