Producer, Radio

Producer, Radio Job Description

Radio Producers Are Responsible For The Audio Content Of Broadcasts Via Radio, The Internet And Other Mobile Platforms. They Are Involved In The Entire Process, From Generating Ideas To Managing The Audience Response After A Programme.

Producers Manage And Work With Broadcasting Assistants, Presenters And DJs, Engineers And IT Staff. They May Also Be Responsible For The Business And Commercial Management Of A Programme.

Producer, Radio Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • generating and researching ideas for programmes and pitching for commissions;
  • developing content, writing material for scripts, bulletins and links;
  • sourcing potential contributors and interviewees;
  • selecting music appropriate to the programme, the audience and the station;
  • producing pre-production briefings for presenters, reporters, technical staff and other contributors;
  • managing the logistics of getting people, resources and equipment together to the right place at the right time;
  • undertaking editing, interviewing and reporting duties as necessary;
  • presenting programmes or managing presenters for both pre-recorded and recorded output;
  • checking that copyrights are cleared and understanding media law;
  • converting text, graphics, video and audio files into other formats;
  • contributing to and making use of an archive of audio resources which can be re-used;
  • responding to audience feedback, referring on to other departments as necessary;
  • producing and making use of user-generated content;
  • using technology, such as RadioMan, Cool Edit Pro, Pro Tools and Adobe Audition, for editing and production purposes;
  • ensuring that health and safety standards and trade union requirements are met.

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