Merchant Navy Officer

Merchant Navy Officer Job Description

Merchant Navy Officers Are Employed By Commercial Shipping Companies To Work On All Kinds Of Seagoing Vessels, Such As Cruise Liners, Cargo Ships, Tankers And Hovercraft.

These Guys Typically Adopt A Deck Officer Or Engineering Officer Role In A Team Leading Capacity. However, They Also Do Their Fair Share Of Hands-on Practical Work.

Merchant Navy Officer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • navigating the vessel using a range of satellite and radar systems and equipment;
  • checking weather and navigation reports and taking appropriate action;
  • coordinating the safe loading, storage and unloading of cargo;
  • managing the care and safety of passengers (if working on a ferry/cruise ship);
  • supervising the operation and maintenance of deck machinery, e.g. winches and cranes;
  • managing ship communication systems;
  • monitoring and maintaining safety, firefighting and life-saving equipment;
  • overseeing the ship to ensure that the highest levels of health and safety are maintained;
  • maintaining legal and operational records, e.g. the ship's log;
  • keeping up to date with developments in maritime legal, commercial and political matters.
  • directing others in the operation and maintenance of the mechanical and electrical equipment on board;
  • managing power, fuelling and distribution systems; 
  • repairing and upgrading systems and equipment, e.g. air compressors, pumps and sewage plants;
  • implementing regular equipment inspections and maintenance programmes;
  • keeping up to date with developments in the marine engineering field.

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