Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications Engineer Job Description

Telecommunications Engineers Are Electrical And Electronics Experts Who Specialize In Telephone Networks Or Broadband Telecommunications.

A Telecommunication Engineer Is Responsible For Designing And Overseeing The Installation Of Telecommunications Equipment And Facilities, Such As Complex Electronic Switching Systems, Copper Wire Telephone Facilities, And Fiber Optics.

Telecommunications Engineers May Be Employed By Wired And Wireless Telecommunications Companies, Engineering Consulting Firms Or Government Agencies.

Telecommunications Engineer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • repair, install and configure telecommunications technology, including voice and data systems.
  • maintain, train and provide consultation for communication networks,
  • preparing reports that inform clients of cost analysis and the capabilities of a system.
  • implement backup systems that ensure a minimal loss of data and functionality
  • system design, monitoring, performance analysis and security considerations.

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