Seamstress Job Description

Seamstress/Dressmakers Create Made-to-measure Clothing Such As Dresses, Skirts, Trousers And Blouses For Their Customers.

Seamstress/Dressmakers Would Sometimes Make A Sample Or A 'toile’, Out Of Cheaper Fabric To Check The Design And Fit Before Cutting An Expensive Fabric. You Would Use A Machine For Most Of The Sewing, But Finish Detailed Work, Such As Beading Or Embroidery, By Hand.

Seamstress/Dressmakerscould Also Offer An Alteration And Repair Service. Heavier Items Such As Coats And Suits Are Normally Made By Tailors.

Seamstress/Dressmakers Will Need To Be Able To Imagine How A Dress Will Look From The Pattern Design. Seamstress/Dressmakers Also Be Using Your Great Communication Skills To Deal With Customers In A Polite And Tactful Way.

There Is No Set Entry Route Into This Job. Courses In Dressmaking, Fashion And Pattern Cutting Will Help You To Develop The Skills You Need. You May Be Able To Get Into This Job Through An Apprenticeship Scheme.

Seamstress Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • giving advice on which combination of fabrics and patterns may give the best results
  • discussing the client's requirements
  • showing the client fabric samples and pattern books
  • taking measurements
  • adapting an existing pattern, or producing a new pattern for the client
  • tacking the fabric pieces together for a fitting
  • fitting the garment and making adjustments to create a perfect fit.
  • working out the cost of the work, taking into account the fabric, trimmings and time needed
  • using the pattern to cut out the fabric pieces

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