Colour Technologist

Colour Technologist Job Description

Colour Technologists Are Responsible For The Development, Production And Quality Control Of Dyes And Pigments For Use In A Wide Variety Of Products.

Colour Technologists Are Employed By A Wide Range Of Organisations Including Chemical Companies, Specialist Consultancies And Manufacturers Of Textiles, Paper, Furnishings, Medical Products, Leather, Inks, Foods, Plastics, Toiletries, Paints, Cosmetics And Fibres. There Are Also A Small Number Of Research Openings Within The Academic Sector.

Colour Technologist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • liaising with suppliers, customers, manufacturers and factory production managers;
  • using colour measuring equipment to ensure colour reliability in dyes and pigments;
  • testing, promoting and marketing products;
  • keeping up-to-date with trends and innovations within the profession.
  • providing technical advice to design, dying, marketing and production staff;
  • devising precise bulk colour reproduction processes;
  • modifying and/or developing new pigments and dyes;
  • producing innovative solutions that meet customer requirements;
  • using reference samples to identify colour requirements;
  • using specialist computer systems, including CAD software;
  • evaluating, identifying and selecting products from suppliers;
  • checking products for suitability and testing for performance under various conditions;
  • controlling production and quality standards;
  • ensuring colourfastness, accurate colour reproduction, stability and durability of products;

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