Glass Blower/designer

Glass Blower/designer Job Description

A Glass Blower/designer Is Responsible For Designing, Producing, Decorating And Finishing Pieces Of Glass Ranging From Giftware, Tableware, Exhibition Pieces, Stained Glass Windows, Mirrors And Architectural Glass. They May Also Work As Scientific Glass Blowers, Designing And Repairing Laboratory Glass.

The Work Can Be Commissioned By Individuals, Corporate Organisations Or The Public Sector. Most Blowers/designers Will Be Involved In The Entire Commission Process, From Concept To Completion.

Glass Blowers/designers May Also Be Involved In Restoring, Renovating And Repairing Original Pieces.

Glass Blower/designer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • giving live demonstrations of production of work before selling;
  • designing, producing and finishing decorative pieces, including windows, mirrors, lamp bases, ornaments, tableware and sculptures;
  • working with molten glass (from a furnace) and a blowing iron to form the glass into a rough shape;
  • kiln forming - slumping glass into a mould;
  • networking to establish effective contacts in one's own specialist market;
  • soldering pieces of coloured, painted or enamelled glass;
  • applying for grants and awards;
  • working with professional associations and membership bodies for local and national artists;
  • utilising photography skills and web design to market products;
  • entering national and international design competitions;
  • using decorative techniques, including engraving, acid-etching, stencilling, sand or grit blasting;
  • restoring, renovating and repairing original pieces;
  • selling wares directly to customers or stockists, from a studio, shop or gallery;
  • attending craft fairs and exhibitions;
  • recycling scraps (cullet) from larger producers;
  • producing a catalogue or portfolio of designs for publicity purposes..
  • developing a variety of computing skills, including website development and graphics packages along with desktop publishing for producing publicity materials
  • attending training courses to keep abreast of technological, scientific and innovative advances in the industry and to learn new techniques;
  • researching and monitoring the worldwide glass market to ensure products are current, in demand and reasonably priced;

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