Passenger Transport Manager

Passenger Transport Manager Job Description

A Passenger Transport Manager Plans, Coordinates And Manages Passenger Transport Operations, Which Cover Bus, Train, Tram, Air, Ship And Ferry Services.

The Job Varies Depending On The Nature Of The Transport System And The Size And Type Of Employer. Passenger Transport Managers, However, Tend Be Involved In The Finances And Budget Of The Transport Services, Marketing And PR, Strategic Development And Planning, And People Management. They Need To Make Sure A Quality Service Is Provided At The Right Price.

Job Titles Vary And The Word 'passenger' Will Not Necessarily Appear In Job Advertisements. Alternative Titles Include Transport Manager, Operations/operating Manager, Depot Manager And Customer Services Manager, Depending On The Focus Of The Role.

Passenger Transport Manager Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • making sure the transport operation meets its performance and safety targets, monitoring it and reporting to senior management;
  • writing clear reports and presenting options and recommendations to clients and senior management;
  • advising on policy and strategic developments and examining business decisions (pricing policy, level of service provision, timetable changes) to assess their impact on passengers;
  • marketing passenger services to encourage greater passenger use of particular routes and methods of transport;
  • liaising and negotiating with different stakeholders including planning and highways authorities, residents, councillors/politicians, developers and transport providers;
  • identifying existing and possible future transport problems, developing transport models and investigating the feasibility of alternative means of transport;
  • liaising with passenger watchdogs and other professional bodies;
  • ensuring that all operations are carried out in accordance with laws and regulations, particularly relating to health and safety;
  • managing and supervising staff, organising work shift rotas and coordinating staff training;
  • negotiating and managing contracts and developing new business opportunities whenever possible;
  • minimising disruption and resolving any unscheduled delays, having to make decisions in difficult situations;
  • meeting passengers and customers to deal with complaints and areas of concern;
  • analysing results of surveys on passenger/customer satisfaction and starting new projects to improve performance;
  • making sure that transport services are available to all through social inclusion initiatives;
  • using IT systems for tasks such as timetabling and managing usage flows.

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