Accountant Job Description

Certified Accountants Work To Improve The Efficiency And Maximise The Profitability Of An Organisation. Their Skills Are In Demand In A Wide Range Of Sectors; Many Graduate Accountants Work In Public Practice Firms, But Accountants May Also Be Employed By The Private, Commercial, And Not-for-profit Sectors.

Accountant Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • developing and managing financial systems/policies;
  • undertaking financial administration;
  • preparing reports, budgets, business plans, commentaries and financial statements;
  • liaising with managerial staff, colleagues and clients;
  • ensuring compliance with taxation legislation.
  • administering payrolls;
  • financial forecasting and risk analysis;controlling income and expenditure;
  • analysing and investigating annual and monthly financial accounts;
  • negotiating business terms with clients and associated organisations;

The role tends to be office-based, although audit work often requires graduate certified accountants to visit client premises. Such visits may necessitate stays away from home that range in duration from one night to several weeks. While working hours tend to last from nine to five, longer hours may be common around peak times and in some sectors within commerce and the financial sector. Despite this, flexible working hours, job sharing and opportunities to work from home are often available, and the profession generally provides a good level of job security, remuneration and intellectual stimulation.

Due to the high international regard for the profession and for accountancy qualifications, secondments and transfers abroad are possible, and are increasingly common within larger multinational corporations.

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