Printmaker Job Description

A Printmaker Uses Techniques Such As Woodcuts Or Silk-screens To Create Images Which Are Transposed Onto Surfaces, Generally Using A Printing Press.

Printmakers Design The Prints Themselves And Are Increasingly Using electronic Or Digital Printing Processes Alongside More Traditional Craft-based Methods. This Has Increased Collaborative Working With Computer Artists.

Many Established Printmakers Teach And Run Classes To Support Themselves And Finance Their Work. They May Also Offer Technical Or Advisory Support To Educational Organisations.

Those With Substantial Experience May Manage A Team Of Printmakers Operating From Shared Workshop Facilities. They May Also Offer Other Artistic And Design Services, As Well As Printing.

Printmaker Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • using printmaking techniques such as etching, screen printing, lithography, relief printing (e.g. woodcut, linocut), and computer-generated images to produce prints;
  • printing on a variety of surfaces, e.g. plastics, metal, glass, textiles, wood and paper;
  • responding to a client’s brief;
  • advising clients on the technical aspects of production;
  • producing prints to specifications, for example when working as a master printer for artists;
  • producing multiple copies of an artist’s work, otherwise known as editioning;
  • being aware of and following health and safety procedures.

Common commercial or educational

  • planning and delivering classes and workshops to teach printmaking techniques to artists, students or the general public.
  • producing promotional items, such as catalogues, t-shirts, and signs; 
  • silk screen printing for posters;
  • printing on exhibition display stands;

If self-employed

  • overseeing the day-to-day tasks associated with running a small business, such as keeping accounts or developing an advertising strategy;
  • taking responsibility for running and financing premises, e.g. a workshop or studio;
  • undertaking some part-time work, such as teaching to supplement finances.

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