X-Ray Technician

X-Ray Technician Job Description

Medical X-ray Technicians Create X-ray Images Of Parts Of The Human Body Using Radiographic Equipment, To Assist In The Diagnosis Of Medical Problems. Medical X-ray Technicians Are Often Referred To As Radiographers Or Radiologic Technicians.

As An X-ray Technician, You Would Be Responsible For Operating The Medical Equipment Used To Capture Internal Images Of Patients' Bodies.

As An X-ray Technician, You Receive Instructions From Doctors Regarding The X-rays Patients Require. You Are Responsible For Getting Clear Imaging Results, Which Requires Proper Use Of The Equipment And Keeping Patients Calm And Informed Throughout The X-ray Procedure. If A Patient Has Any Questions Or Concerns About The Procedure, You Can Provide Answers And Assistance. You Must Comply With The Safety Regulations Involving The Use Of Radiation To Protect Yourself, Patients And Other Staff Members From Over-exposure To Radiation.

X-Ray Technician Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Adjust and maintain imaging equipment
  • Precisely follow orders from physicians on what areas of the body to image
  • Prepare patients for procedures, including taking a medical history and answering questions about the procedure
  • Protect the patient by shielding exposed areas that do not need to be imaged
  • Position the patient and the equipment in order to get the correct image
  • Operate the computerized equipment to take the images
  • Work with physicians to evaluate the images and to determine whether additional images need to be taken
  • Keep detailed patient records

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