Tour Manager

Tour Manager Job Description

Tour Managers Travel With Musicians And Crew Members On Touring Journeys That Can Span The Globe And Last For Months. Their Job Is To Make Sure Everything Runs Smoothly, Which Usually Means Arranging Travel Plans, Coordinating With Venues, Managing Money, Facilitating Media Interactions, And Scoping Out Local Services At Each Tour Stop.

Tour Manager Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • traveling with the artists to the venue
  • managing the transportation of instruments and PA systems to and from venues and overseeing the installation on-site
  • dealing with any problems or issues that arise during the tour and liaising with venue management
  • financial and budget management
  • liaising with venues, promoters, artists and their managers/agents
  • booking flights, hotels and transfers for artists and crew
  • dealing with any problems that may arise before or during a tour, such as travel disruptions or artist illness
  • making sure that the sound and any audio-visual systems are appropriate for each venue

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