Museum/gallery Curator

Museum/gallery Curator Job Description

With The Key Goals Of Informing, Educating And Inspiring The Public, A museum Or Gallery Curator Acquires, Cares For, Develops, Displays And Interprets A Collection Of Artefacts Or Works Of Art.It can Be A Varied Job. As Well As responsibility For A Particular Collection, It can Often Include Other Activities, Such As Public Relations, Marketing, Fundraising And Education Programmes. There Can Be An Overlap With The Museum/gallery Exhibitions Officer Role. Curators Are Also Expected To Prepare Budgets, Manage Staff And Build Relationships With Both Internal And External Partners And Stakeholders.

It's Essential To Construct Innovative And Creative Exhibitions That Appeal To A Wide Cross-section Of The General Public.

It's Becoming Common For museums, Galleries, Heritage And Tourism Attractions To Develop Collaborative Relationships And Share Collections, As Well As Their Expertise.

Museum/gallery Curator Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • dealing with and understanding computer-generated imagery and website software as part of enhancing the visitor experience and interaction;
  • writing bids;
  • negotiating loan items and external loans and the accompanying funding;
  • staff training, promotion and development;
  • responsibility for a collection of artefacts or works of art;
  • acquiring objects or collections of interest to the museum/gallery;
  • cataloguing acquisitions and keeping records;
  • handling enquiries from researchers and the public;
  • budget planning, forecasting and reporting;
  • staff management, recruitment, annual appraisals and disciplinary matters;
  • liaising with voluntary groups, the community and industry (including schools, local history and other community groups), as well as grant agencies to secure sponsorship for events, publications and development projects;
  • liaising with management boards, governors, trustees and local council and political groups to secure the future of the museum;
  • networking with other museum and art gallery professionals and outside agencies.
  • carrying out background research and writing catalogues;
  • displaying objects or collections in way that makes them accessible and engaging to the general public;
  • writing materials and articles for the website;
  • writing articles for internal and external publications;
  • planning, organising, interpreting and presenting exhibitions and lectures;
  • collection documentation and management;
  • collaborating  with other museum departments, such as  education, fundraising, marketing and conservation;
  • dealing with enquiries from clients and stakeholders;

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