Probation Officer

Probation Officer Job Description

Probation Officers Are Social Workers/court Officers Usually Employed By The Prison Service To Supervise Offenders And Released Prisoners In The Community And To Help Them Lead Law-abiding Lives.

Working With Offenders Or Ex-offenders Who Have Emotional, Behavioural Or Psychological Problems Can Make The Job Stressful And Demanding. However, Helping People Better Themselves Can Be A Particularly Rewarding Role.

Probation Officer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • helping offenders come to terms with custodial sentences
  • undertaking one-to-one and group work activities
  • organising and overseeing community service work
  • ‘befriending' and counselling offenders and their families
  • visiting offenders at home, in court, prison, hostels or other penal institutions
  • supporting the victims of some violent or sexual crimes
  • liaising with the police, social services etc.
  • supervising junior staff
  • helping with the rehabilitation of ex-offenders into the community

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