Arts Administrator

Arts Administrator Job Description

An Arts Administrator Manages Activities And Services Which Support The Arts Sector, Involving Projects And Initiatives Provided By:

  • theatres, Galleries And museums;
  • community And Disability Arts Organisations;
  • local Authorities And Arts Councils.
  • arts Festivals And Centres;
  • dance Companies;

An Administrator In A Small Organisation May Perform A Variety Of Functions Ranging From Marketing And Booking Performers To Finance And Insurance Matters. In Larger Organisations They May Specialise In Specific Administrative Areas Such As Programming, Front-of-house Management, Public Relations, Marketing, Education or Sponsorship.

Experienced Arts Administrators May Provide Consultative Support At Managerial Levels.

Arts Administrator Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • planning and organising logistics related to events, buildings, performers/artists and other personnel;
  • planning and managing budgets;
  • selecting and training staff and negotiating contracts;
  • taking responsibility for operational management issues such as venue accessibility, health and safety issues and building maintenance;
  • using skills in arts-related law, accountancy, press liaison and public relations;
  • working to secure funding for venues or specific events;
  • writing, or contributing to, publications which accompany arts-related events and activities;
  • programming and booking performances and events, including arrangements for tours; 
  • development of new projects and initiatives in consultation with arts professionals and key stakeholders (e.g. local education authorities, local government and communities, venue directors and regional arts boards);
  • arranging performances, artists, venues, security, catering and sale of tickets;
  • marketing a performance or event through direct mail, advertising, use of a website, producing posters or publicity leaflets and attracting media coverage;
  • ensuring corporate and legal requirements are complied with, and reporting to the board of directors. 

At a more senior level, there may be some involvement in strategic planning and management decisions.

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