Microbiologist Job Description

Microbiologists Work Within The Field Of Public Health Protection Where They Utilise A Wide Range Of Analytical And Scientific Techniques In The Monitoring, Study And Research Of Microbes Such As Fungi, Bacteria And Viruses.

Microbiologists Undertake Laboratory Analysis And Monitoring Of Microbial Cultures, Samples And New Drugs Using Specialist Computer Software And A Range Of Identification Methods And Clinical Trials.

Microbiologist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • managing laboratories.
  • tracking environmental micro-organism development
  • growing microbe cultures
  • recording, analysing and interpreting data
  • writing research papers, reports and reviews
  • keeping up-to-date with scientific and research developments; ensuring that data is recorded accurately in accordance to guidelines
  • planning and carrying out trials
  • observing high health and safety standards
  • inspecting food and drink manufacturing processes to check for possible contamination
  • developing new pharmaceutical products, vaccines, medicines and compounds such as antiseptics
  • collecting samples from a variety of locations

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