Zoologist Job Description

Zoologists And Wildlife Biologists Study Animals And Other Wildlife, And How They Interact With Their Ecosystems. They Study The Physical Characteristics Of Animals, Animal Behaviors, And The Impacts Humans Have On Wildlife And Natural Habitats.

Zoologists And Wildlife Biologists Perform A Variety Of Scientific Tests And Experiments. For Example, They Take Blood Samples From Animals To Assess Their Levels Of Nutrition, Check Animals For Disease And Parasites, And Tag Animals In Order To Track Them.

Zoologists And Wildlife Biologists Conduct Research For A Variety Of Purposes. For Example, Many Zoologists And Wildlife Biologists Work To Increase Our Knowledge And Understanding Of Wildlife Species. They Also Work Closely With Public Officials To Develop Wildlife Management And Conservation Plans That Protect Species From Threats And Help Animal Populations Return To And Remain At Sustainable Levels.

Zoologists And Wildlife Biologists Use Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Modeling Software, And Other Computer Programs To Estimate Wildlife Populations And Track The Movements Of Animals. They Also Use These Computer Programs To Forecast The Spread Of Invasive Species, Diseases, Changes In The Availability Of Habitat, And Other Potential Threats To Wildlife.

Most Zoologists And Wildlife Biologists Work On Research Teams With Other Scientists And Technicians. For Example, Zoologists And Wildlife Biologists May Work With Environmental Scientists And Hydrologists To Monitor The Effects Of Water Pollution On Fish Populations.

Zoologist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Study the characteristics of animals, such as their interactions with other species, reproduction, population dynamics, diseases, and movement patterns
  • Develop conservation plans and make recommendations on wildlife conservation and management issues to policymakers and the general public
  • Estimate, monitor, and manage wildlife populations and invasive plants and animals
  • Write research papers, reports, and scholarly articles that explain their findings
  • Give presentations on research findings to academics and the general public
  • Develop and conduct experimental studies with animals in controlled or natural surroundings
  • Analyze the influence that human activity has on wildlife and their natural habitats
  • Collect biological data and specimens for analysis

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