Optometrist Job Description

Optometrists Examine Patients' Eyes, Test Their Sight, Give Advice On Visual Problems And Prescribe And Fit Spectacles Or Contact Lenses When Needed. They Are Trained To Recognise Diseases Of The Eye, Such As Glaucoma And Cataract, As Well As General Health Conditions Such As Diabetes. They Refer Patients To Medical Practitioners When Necessary, As Well As Sometimes Sharing The Care Of Patients With Chronic Conditions. Most Of These Activities Involve The Use Of Specialist Equipment.

Most Optometrists Work In High Street Practices Which May Be Independent Or Part Of A Regional Or National Chain. A Smaller Number Work In Hospitals Alongside Other Healthcare Professionals Such As Doctors And Orthoptists. Some Optometrists Work In Academic Settings Doing Research And/or Teaching, And Also In The Optical Manufacturing Industry.

Optometrist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • communicating with patients to get detailed case histories;
  • liaising with other medical practitioners and sometimes sharing the care of patients with chronic ophthalmic conditions;
  • meeting sales targets with regard to selling spectacles or contact lenses;
  • undertaking continuing education and training (CET).
  • examining the eyes of patients of all ages to detect signs of injury, disease, abnormality or vision defects;
  • offering advice and reassurance about vision-related matters;
  • offering help and advice for patients choosing frames and lenses;
  • writing referral communications to doctors;
  • managing staff, including dispensing opticians and clerical staff;
  • supervising and training junior staff;
  • using specialist equipment for diagnosis and testing;
  • issuing prescriptions for spectacles or contact lenses;
  • fitting and checking prescribed lenses in order to correct vision defects;
  • managing the retail aspects of spectacles, contact lenses and other vision care products;
  • checking for signs and symptoms of general health conditions (e.g. diabetes);
  • administering, organising and planning the development of the practice;
  • liaising with sales representatives from vision care product suppliers;
  • owning or managing a practice.

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