Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst Job Description

A Systems Analyst Designs New IT Solutions To Improve Business Efficiency And Productivity. The Work Might Be For An External Client Or An Internal Client (such As A Department Within The Same Organisation).

Working Closely With The Client, Analysts Examine Existing Business Models And Flows Of Data, Discuss Their Findings With The Client, And Design An Appropriate Improved IT Solution. They Act As The Liaison Between The Client And The Developers.

They Produce Outline Designs And Costings Of New Systems, Specifying The Operations The System Will Perform, And The Way Data Will Be Viewed By The End-user, Present Their Design To The Client And, Once It Is Approved, Work Closely With The Client Team To Implement The Solution.

Systems Analyst Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • liaising extensively with external or internal clients;
  • analysing clients' existing systems;
  • translating client requirements into highly specified project briefs;
  • identifying options for potential solutions and assessing them for both technical and business suitability;
  • drawing up specific proposals for modified or replacement systems;
  • producing project feasibility reports;
  • presenting proposals to clients;
  • working closely with developers and a variety of end users to ensure technical compatibility and user satisfaction;
  • ensuring that budgets are adhered to and deadlines met;
  • drawing up a testing schedule for the complete system;
  • overseeing the implementation of a new system;
  • planning and working flexibly to a deadline;
  • writing user manuals;
  • providing training to users of a new system;
  • keeping up to date with technical and industry developments

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