Weaver Job Description

A Weaver Weaves Sections Of Loom-woven Belting To Finish Them Or Join Them To Form Endless Belts: Ties Selvedges Together To Secure Belts. Also Interlaces Hair Strands In Prescribed Sequence, Using Weaving Fixture, And Sews Weft To Mounting Cord To Make Hair Pieces, Such As Switches And Braids: Attaches Threads Of Designated Color And Texture To Rods And Pegs Of Weaving Fixture.

Weaver Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Hand sews free end of cord to end of weft with matching thread.
  • Turns mounting reel to twist weft seam around cord.
  • Counts number of filling and warp threads per square inch and draws new filling and warp threads through belting to maintain specified weave pattern and to finish belting.
  • May use hurdle fork to move filling threads close together when weaving narrow belting.
  • Turns pegs to tighten threads.
  • Cuts strands from tuft of matched hair, using scissors and interweaves root ends around and between threads in prescribed sequence.
  • Inspects belting and removes loose filling threads.
  • Draws warp threads over and under filling threads, using hook.
  • Pulls strands straight and weaves successive strands to complete weft.
  • Cuts and knots thread ends.
  • Fastens mounting cord of specified color to hub of mounting reel and turns reel handle to wind cord.
  • Loops end of cord and sews remaining seam to loop, folding seam at intervals to smock hair.
  • Cuts warp threads to specified length, using tape measure and shears, and ties or laps warp threads together to join belts.

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