Ropemaker Job Description

Ropemakers Set Up, Operate, Or Tend Machines That Wind Or Twist Textiles; Or Draw Out And Combine Sliver, Such As Wool, Hemp, Or Synthetic Fibers.

Ropemaker Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Operates track-mounted machine in ropewalk to lay rope-fiber strands into heavy line, such as marine hawser and towline: Lays strands on guide arms parallel to track.
  • Anchors ends of strands to stationary fixture at end of ropewalk.
  • Secures other end of strands in self-propelled machine at opposite end of ropewalk that lays strands into rope and coils rope onto reel as it moves along track.
  • Moves levers to start machine and to produce specified degree of hardness in rope.
  • Binds ends of finished rope to prevent raveling and removes full reel, using hoist.

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