Immunologist Job Description

Immunologists Use Analytical And Scientific Techniques To Investigate The Human Immune System And To Develop New Treatments, Therapies Or Vaccines To Control Infections, Illnesses And Cancer.

The Origins Of Modern Immunology Date Back To The Late 1800s When Edward Jenner Developed A Vaccination Against Smallpox.

Immunologist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • applying for research funding
  • attending conferences throughout the world
  • managing laboratories
  • designing, planning and carrying out controlled experiments and trials;
  • devising and testing hypotheses using appropriate analytical techniques;
  • analysing and interpreting data.
  • training and supervising staff
  • writing reports, reviews, papers etc
  • studying relevant literature
  • keeping up to date with current research within the field
  • collaborating and sharing expertise and research findings.
  • analysing patient samples to diagnose immune system abnormalities and problems
  • monitoring transplant patients and giving advice to other medical staff about tests and treatments

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