Electronics Engineer

Electronics Engineer Job Description

Electronics Is The Technology Associated With Electronic Circuits And Systems, And Is One Of The Major Branches Of Electrical Engineering.

It Is A Discipline That Uses Scientific Knowledge Of The Behaviour And Effects Of Electrons To Create Components, Devices, Systems Or Equipment That Use Electricity As Part Of their Source Of Power. These Components Include Capacitors, Diodes, Resistors And Transistors.

Electronics Engineers Research, Design, Develop And Test Precision Components And Systems, Developing The Way Electricity Is Used To Control Equipment. The Work Is Usually Carried Out In Cross-functional Project Teams, With Colleagues In Electronics And Other Branches Of Engineering.

Electronics Touches On Almost All Areas Of Human Activity, So Its Applications Are Diverse. They Include Acoustics, Defence, Medical Instruments, Mobile Phones, Nanotechnology, Radio And Satellite Communication And Robotics. Subfields Of Electronic Engineering Include Control Engineering, Instrumentation, Signal Processing And Telecommunications Engineering.

Electronics Engineers Work On A Project Through All Its Stages: From The Initial Brief For A Concept; Through The Design And Development Stage; To The Testing Of One Or More Prototypes; And Through To The Final Manufacture And Implementation Of A New Product Or System.

Electronics Engineer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • testing theoretical designs;
  • writing specifications;
  • following defined development processes;
  • systematically improving the detailed design of a piece of electronic equipment;
  • attending meetings with subcontractors;
  • project planning and preparing budgets;
  • writing technical reports;
  • supervising technicians, craftspeople and other colleagues;
  • working with colleagues to design new systems, circuits and devices or develop existing technology;
  • ensuring that a product will work with devices developed by others, can be made again reliably, and will perform consistently in specified operating environments;
  • creating user-friendly interfaces;
  • ensuring safety regulations are met;
  • discussing proposals with clients;
  • keeping up to date with developments in technologies and regulations.

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