Tattooist Job Description

Tattooist Marks Permanent Picture Or Design On Skin: A Permanent Picture, Design, Or Other Marking Made On The Skin By Pricking It And Staining It With An Indelible Dye

Tattooist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Pricks skin of patron, using needled electric tool, that inserts indelible nontoxic pigment into skin to form decorative or ornamental design: Shaves area to receive tattoo and washes it, using germicidal soap.
  • Presses charcoal-coated stencil, draws design, or traces pattern of design onto skin of patron, to mark outline of design.
  • Dips needles of tool into colored pigment solution and presses needles into skin to insert indelible pigment into skin following outline of design.
  • Adjusts and repairs needled electric tool, using handtools, such as screwdrivers and pliers.
  • May draw original designs on paper, trace designs onto acetate sheet, and cut out design to form pattern or stencil, using stylus and knife.
  • Applies sterile dressing to area.
  • Sterilizes needles in steam-heated cabinet.
  •  Mixes nontoxic colored pigments according to formula.

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