Town Planner

Town Planner Job Description

Town And Country Planners Organise Our Environment To Make It A Better Place To Live.
Planners Manage Our Towns And Countryside On Everyone's Behalf. They Have To Encourage Development For The Purpose Of Economic Growth While At The Same Time Protecting Our Environment And Architectural Heritage.
Their Main Role Is To Balance Various Needs (those Of The Environment, The Local Economy And The Local Population) And To Come Up With Innovative Solutions. There Are Also Opportunities For Planning Support Staff, Who Assist Planners In Their Work.

Town Planner Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  •     understanding population trends, to predict the demands that will be made on an area, whether urban or rural
  •     working with other professionals, such as architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, construction managers and surveyors
  •     liaising with the public and councillors, attending public meetings about planning issues, such as proposals for a new road or school
  •     knowledge of the legal issues associated with land use
  •     making policies and implementing them
  •     working both indoors and outdoors and presenting evidence at meetings
  •     objectively analysing and evaluating other peoples' evidence
  •     preparing reports and plans relating to a variety of projects - from house extensions to international airports.

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