Court Reporter

Court Reporter Job Description

Court/verbatim Reporters Produce Word-for-word Recordings Of Court Proceedings Using Traditional Shorthand Techniques Or Shorthand (stenotype) Machines.

Court Reporters Work For Firms Contracted By The Ministry Of Justice To Provide Reporting Services To Courts Of Appeal. Some Firms Also Offer Freelance Opportunities. Their Services May Also Be Required At Political Conferences, Court Martials, Public Inquiries, Tribunals, Disciplinary Hearings, Television Programmes (for Subtitles) And Police Interviews Etc.

It Is Becoming Increasingly Common For Courts To Make Use Of Recording Equipment In Trials In Addition To Or Instead Of Court Reporters.

Court Reporter Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • using traditional shorthand, stenograph/palantype machines or ‘real-time’ computerised systems to make accurate records of the proceedings;
  • using machine shorthand to type phrases and/or whole words in single keyboard strokes;
  • attending court sessions;
  • listening carefully to everything said;
  • reading back transcripts to lawyers while in court as required;
  • transcribing speech into written records after court sessions;
  • preserving the original sense of what was said;
  • editing text;
  • producing final transcripts;
  • ensuring that records can be easily read and understood;
  • correcting grammatical mistakes;

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