Archivist Job Description

Archivists Are Responsible For The Provision, Care And Management Of Permanent Collections Of Information That Are Intended To Preserve The Past And Allow Others To Discover It.

Archivists Are Responsible For Assembling, Cataloguing, Preserving And Managing Historically Valuable Collections Of Information, Which Exist In A Wealth Of Formats. Archivists Work Within A Wide Variety Of Public And Private Sector Organisations, And Once Qualified, May Move Between A Variety Of Organisations, Roles And Specialisations.

Archivist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • supervising staff and budgets.
  • answering enquiries;
  • producing teaching materials and other documentation;
  • identifying and bidding for funding;
  • organising publicity events such as talks and exhibitions;
  • making the archives accessible to a wide range of users;
  • evaluating, selecting, retrieving and arranging materials;
  • transferring perishable documents to robust storage media, eg online;
  • negotiating the acquisition of new collections;

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