Goldsmith Job Description

Goldsmiths, Jewelers And Precious Stone And Metal Workers Design, Manufacture, And Sell Jewelry. They Also Adjust, Repair, And Appraise Gems And Jewelry.

Technology Is Helping To Produce High-quality Jewelry At A Reduced Cost And In Less Time. For Example, Lasers Are Often Used For Cutting And Improving The Quality Of Stones, For Intricate Engraving Or Design Work, And For Inscribing Personal Messages On Jewelry. Jewelers Also Use Lasers To Weld Metals Together Without Seams Or Blemishes, Improving The Quality And Appearance Of Jewelry.

Some Jewelers Also Use CAD Software To Design Custom Jewelry. They Let The Customer Review The Design On The Computer And See The Effect Of Changes, So That The Customer Is Satisfied Before Committing To The Expense Of A Customized Piece Of Jewelry.

Some Manufacturing Firms Use Computer-aided Design And Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) To Make Product Design Easier And To Automate Some Steps. With CAD, Jewelers Can Create A Model Of A Piece Of Jewelry On The Computer And Then See The Effect Of Changing Different Aspects—the Design, The Stone, The Setting—before Cutting A Stone Or Taking Other Costly Steps. With CAM, They Can Then Create A Mold Of The Piece, Which Makes Producing Many Copies Easy.

Goldsmith Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Shape metal to hold the gems when making individual pieces
  • Examine and grade diamonds and other gems
  • Create jewelry from gold, silver, and precious gemstones
  • Make a model with carved wax or with computer-aided design, and then cast pieces with the model
  • Solder pieces together and insert stones
  • Repair jewelry by replacing broken clasps, altering ring sizes, or resetting stones
  • Smooth joints and rough spots and polish smoothed areas
  • Clean and polish jewelry using polishing wheels and chemical baths
  • Compute the costs of labor and material for new pieces and repairs

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