Mason Job Description

Brickmasons, Blockmasons, And Stonemasons (or, Simply, Masons) Use Bricks, Concrete Blocks, And Natural And Man-made Stones To Build Fences, Walkways, Walls, And Other Structures.

Mason Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Mix mortar or grout and spread it onto a slab or foundation
  • Lay bricks, blocks, or stones according to plans
  • Read blueprints or drawings to calculate materials needed
  • Construct corners with a corner pole or by building a corner pyramid
  • Ensure that a structure is perfectly vertical and horizontal, using a plumb bob and level
  • Clean and polish surfaces with hand or power tools
  • Lay out patterns or foundations using a straightedge
  • Break or cut bricks, stones, or blocks to their appropriate size
  • Clean excess mortar with trowels and other hand tools
  • Fill expansion joints with the appropriate caulking materials

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