Brands And Communication Manager

Brands And Communication Manager Job Description

A Brand Communications Manager Is Generally Responsible For Leading The Brand Communications Team In Continually Enhancing A Particular Brand Image; Increasing Brand Awareness, And Providing After-sales Support Through Advertisements, Media, Point-of Sale, Partnerships, And Relationship Marketing. For Starting Companies, Brand Communications Managers May Also Be Responsible For Developing A Strong Brand Name And Image.

Brands And Communication Manager Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • ensuring all team members provide high quality customer service
  • monitoring the delivery of the brand direction and recommending areas of improvement. 
  • responsible for creating and implementing a long-term communication strategy,
  • producing a yearly commercial calendar plan,
  • liaising with the Marketing Manager about marketing related issues
  • acts as the brand’s spokesperson with media relations.
  • providing strategic input and direction for the brand,
  • developing style guides, templates, and other materials,
  • developing non-campaign brands while keeping the company’s vision, mission, and objectives in mind;
  • advising internal and external stakeholders on issues relevant to the brand.
  • formulates and implements public relations strategies,
  • selects and manages communications with external agencies
  • develops media marketing strategies and other non-campaign activities

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