Curator Job Description

Curators Are Responsible For Assembling, Cataloguing, Managing And Presenting/displaying Artistic And Cultural Collections.

Curators Are In Charge Of A Collection Of Exhibits In A Museum Or Art Gallery. Their Job Is To Build Up Collections, Often In Specialist Areas. Curators Develop Ways In Which Objects, Archives And Artworks Can Be Interpreted, Through Exhibitions, Publications, Events And Audio-visual Presentations. Their Work Involves Buying Exhibits, Organising Exhibitions, Arranging Restoration Of Artifacts, Organising Loans, Identification As Well As Recording Of Items And Dealing With Enquiries. All These Tasks Require Curators To Work With Other Colleagues In Conservation, Education, Design And Marketing Departments, For Example. In Addition, They May Conduct Research And May Lecture On Findings Or Ongoing Activities.

Curator Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Researching, compiling and preparing written information about catalogues and publishing it on the institution's website
  • Developing and organising new collections to expand and improve educational and research facilities
  • Researching extensively, negotiating on prices and buying items such as sculptures, statues and paintings that can add value to the collection
  • Maintaining records and cataloguing acquisitions
  • Raising funds and grants
  • Interviewing, hiring and training staff.
  • Collaborating with other institutions
  • Ensuring that collections are properly preserved

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