Engineering Geologist

Engineering Geologist Job Description

Engineering Geologists Undertake Technical And Scientific Analysis Of Rock, Soil, Groundwater And Other Conditions To Determine The Likely Impact That Major Construction Developments Will Have On Sites.

Engineering Geologist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • visiting sites
  • preparing reports
  • collecting, analysing and interpreting data
  • accessing, using and analysing site information (such as radar images, aerial photographs, reports and geological maps) prior to site investigations
  • managing and liaising with construction engineers, consultants, contractors and geotechnical engineers
  • attending conferences and other events
  • collecting and analysing rock, bedrock and near-surface deposits
  • utilising specialist computer applications.
  • managing projects and setting objectives
  • providing advice and information to clients on a range of issues including for example proposed use, subsidence, construction materials etc
  • ensuring that projects keep to budgets and timescales
  • planning, organising and undertaking field work/site investigations

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